About me

I am a research software engineer in the Scientific Software Center of the University of Heidelberg, where I work with researchers from all disciplines on a range of different research software development projects, using a variety of tech stacks including c++, Python and web development. I also give talks and courses on software development topics for researchers and scientists, and contribute to a variety of open source projects.

I previously worked as a scientific software developer in the Department for modelling of biological processes, where I developed Spatial Model Editor, a GUI tool to edit and simulate spatial models of bio-chemical reactions.

Prior to that I was (briefly) a scientific software engineer in the HPC group of the Blue Brain Project, where I added symbolic math features to the NMODL source-to-source compiler to speed up brain tissue model simulations, see these conference proceedings for more details.

Before that I worked as a theoretical particle physicist at ETH Zurich, CERN, and other research institutes, using super computers to simulate quantum field theories. See the physics page for some of my research publications and talks.